Music Questions (Because Sarah)

1   Top 10 favorite songs of all time

Me vs. Madona vs. Elvis: Brand New

The Fool on the Hill: The Beatles

Rum is for Drinking Not Burning: Senses Fail

Ocean Avenue: Yellowcard

Jitterbug: Wham

Lover Dearest: Marianas Trench

And So It Goes: Billy Joel

This Too Shall Pass: OK Go

Timshel: Mumford and Sons

Caves: Jack’s Mannequin

2Top 10 favorite songs at the moment

In My Bones: Elder Brother

18th Floor Balcony: Blue October

Not I: I Fight Dragons

Say Something: A Great Big World

The Faster the Treadmill: I Fight Dragons

Simple as This: Jake Bugg

Boom Clap: Charli XCX

Oblivion: Indians

(Pretend there’s 10) 

3Top 5 albums of all time

Deja Entendu: Brand New

The Blue Album: The Beatles

Masterpiece Theatre: Marianas Trench

Sigh No More: Mumford and Sons

KABOOM: I Fight Dragons

4    Top 5 albums at the moment

KABOOM: I Fight Dragons

The Fault in Our Stars Soundtrack

Heavy Head: Elder Brother

Foiled: Blue October

+: Ed Sheeran

5   Top 10 favorite bands of all time [no particular order]

Brand New

Mumford and Sons

The Beatles

Marianas Trench

I Fight Dragons

Senses Fail

Secondhand Serenade 

Margot & The Nuclear So and Sos

The Killers


6   Top 10 favorite bands at the moment

You’re killin’ me smalls. I dunno. Elder Brother. 

7   Top 5 favorite male vocalists

Josh Ramsay

Marcus Mumford

Frank Sinatra

uuuuhhhh…I honestly don’t know.,..?

8   Top 5 favorite female vocalists


Hailie Williams




9  Top 3 genres


Alternative/Classical Rock

Mumbo Jumbo

10   3 songs that make you happy

After the Storm: Mumford and Sons

Boom Clap: Charli XCX

This Too Shall Pass: OK Go

11   3 songs that make you sad

Sunny Days: Joshua Radin

Forgive Me: Evanescence

Everything Burns: Ben Moody 

12   3 songs that make you nostalgic

Misery Business: Paramore

1985: Bowling for Soup

Boulevard of Broken Dreams: Green Day

13   3 songs that make you energetic

Let Me In: Grouplove

You Belong With Me: Taylor Swift

What’s New Scooby Doo: Simple Plan

14   3 songs that make you calm

Rain: Breaking Benjamin 

Tears of an Angel: Ryan Dan

Run: Rex Goudie

15   1st song you remember falling in love with

Baby Balooga: Raffie

16   2 songs that hold meaning for you

Shine: Plain White Tees

The Book of Love: Peter Gabrial

17   1st band you remember being a fan of

Beach Boys

18   1st vocalist (M or F) you remember being a fan of

Hilary Duff

19   A song you hate

Party in the USA: Miley Cyrus

20   A band/artist you used to love and are now embarrassed about

Taylor Swift

21   Oldest record you own


22   Newest record you own 

I mean I don’t own records…umm. Elder Brother? I bought the CD…

23   How often do you buy music?

Not too often. I usually get it from friends…I usually use Spotify

24   Least favored genre of music

Country…Hip Hop perhaps.

25   Name one American band/artist you like

Jimmy Eat World (?)

26   Name one English band/artist you like

Mumford and Sons

27   Name one band/artist you like of which nationality is neither.

Marianas Trench

28   Favorite soundtrack

Avatar: James Horner

29   A song that reminds you of a loved one

Happy: Pharrell Williams

30   A song that best describes you

The Middle: Jimmy Eat World

31   A song you’d like to marry on

(Marry on?) Constant Reminder: Mumford and Sons

32   A song you’d prefer for your funeral

Life is Beauitful: Sixx: A.M.

33   Most unknown song you like

Zero: Hawk Nelson

34   Most unknown band/artist you like

umm? uhh.

yeah. Elder Brother?

35   Favorite vocalist


36   Favorite guitarist

John Butler

37   Favorite bassist

I love all bass players

38   Favorite drummer

Jess Bowen

39   The toughest band/artist you like

Toughest? Like. Hardcore? Bring Me the Horizon. Of Mice and Men. Umm. System of a Down.

40   The softest band/artist you like

Now I’m lost.

41   Top 5 songs of which lyrics you like

Boats & Birds: Greogory & the Hawk

/If you be my star I’ll be your sky. You can hide underneath me and come out at night. When I turn jet black and you show off your light I live to let you shine./ 

Same Love: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Mary Lambert

/Aww na here we go, America the brave still fears what we don’t know. God loves all his children is somehow forgotten but we paraphrase a book written 3500 years ago. I can’t change. Even if I tried. Even if I wanted to./

Jen is Bringin the Drugs: Margot & The Nuclear So and Sos

/She used to laugh and smile but the years of denial have taken their toll on her doubt. But me I do as I please. I caught you and I set you free. Cause I have been left alone by the people I’ve known and I don’t know when they’re coming home./

Me vs. Madona vs. Elvis: Brand New

/Barely conscious in the door where you stand. Your eyes are fighting sleep as your mouth makes your demands. You laugh at every word trying hard to be cute. I almost feel sorry for what I’m going to do. And your hair smells of smoke. Who will cast the first stone? You can sin or spend the night all alone./

After the Storm: Mumford and Sons

/Night has always pushed out day. You must know life to see decay. But I won’t rot, I won’t rot. Not this mind and not this heart I won’t rot./

42   Top 3 instrumental songs

Shostakovich: String Quartet No. 8 in C Minor, Op. 110 i., ii., and iii

Holst: Mars

Tchaikovsky Serenade for Strings in C Major, Op. 48, IV. Finale

43   Ever kissed on a song? If yes, which one?


44   Ever had sex on a song? If yes, which one?


45   Ever cried on a song? If yes, which one?

A lot. Far too many and far too random to mention. 

46   A song you can’t take seriously



47   Which bands/artist were mostly played during your childhood (by your parents?)?

Beatles. Raffie.

48   How important is music to you?

Um. Everything-ish? Mostly lots and lots of stuff and such. 

49   Would you like to be a part of the music industry?


50   Something you like and something you despise in music these days

There are always people in a decade complaining about the music in the decade that’s happening after them. To each his own. If it rocks your world let it rock your world. I don’t care. 

51   Do you listen to old music? If so, 5 favorite bands/artist

Yes. But not really. I fiddle around with it but not too much. I love it, just never have the time to really listen to it. 

52   Do you own any band merchandise? If so, what and of which bands?

Yeeess…? I don’t know all of it. Brand New, Mumford and Sons, Escape the Fate, a lot more. I honestly don’t even know. Marianas Trench. 

53   Do you have tattoos related to bands/artists?

Yup. Lyrics. We all carry things inside of us that no one else can see. It holds us down like anchors it drowns us out at sea.

54   Which bands/artists have you seen LIVE?

The Beach Boys, Hilary Duff, Mumford and Sons, Brand New, Marianas Trench, Nine Inch Nails, Warped Tour 2012 and 2014, all the other musicians at Mumford and Sons thingie, Black Viel Brides, D.R.U.G.S., I See Stars, a lot more. Ummm…A lot a lot more. I dunno xD

55   Best performance you’ve ever been to?

Mumford and Sons

56   Tell me something, anything, PERSONAL about you and a song/band/album

I make music videos to my favorite songs in my head. 

Not really personal..but it’s what I’ve got. 

57   Is your music taste familiar to your best friend’s? If no, what do they listen to?

I think so?

58   Do you judge people based on their music preferences?

nopenope nope. Unless they’re like. That guy in the car with the windows rolled up and several cars away I can feel your bass. Then it’s time to just turn it down, dude. Turn it down. 

59   Bands/artists you still wish to see LIVE?

I just love live music. So everything?

60   Put your music-player on shuffle and WRITE down the first 20 songs (no skipping, be honest)

1. My Immortal-Evanescence

2. And All Things Will End-Avenged Sevenfold

3. Mr. Brightside-The Killers

4. Still Not Quite Enough-I See Stars

5. It’s Just Me-Escape the Fate

6. KABOOM!-I Fight Dragons

7. Yellow Light-Of Monsters and Men

8. If Everyone Cared-Nickelback

9. The A Team-Ed Sheeran

10. No More Room to Breathe-There For Tomorrow

11. You and Me-Lifehouse

12. Song of Mor’du-Brave Patrick Doyle, etc.

13. Run-Snow Patrol

14. Keeping Pace With Planes-Conditions

15. Auron’s Theme-Nobuo Uematsu

16. Let It Be-The Beatles

17. Fate and Destiny-Patrick Doyle, Brave. 

18. Not About Angels-Birdy

19. Glow-I See Stars

20. The Great Thaw (Vuelie Reprise)-Christophe Beck & Frode Fjellheim-Frozen